What is Touchpoints?

Touchpoints is a secondary part of The Mailman Ltd, where we aim to extend our primary mission:

To help businesses stand out from their competitors and make more money by using creative direct mail strategies.

At touchpoints, we provide custom greetings cards which are handwritten to create powerful wow factors along your customer journey.

This has been proven to:

  • Increase customer retention

  • Multiply number of transactions

  • Create raving fans

  • Stimulate more referrals

  • Increase conversion rate

  • Maximise product launches

  • Generate more leads

Print isn't dead. Print makes people feel alive!

Let's face it - there's nothing exciting about an email...

However, everyone is excited when a colourful hand-addressed card comes through their door!

This service is ideal for any business who has:

  • A client base of 25 or more

  • A strong focus on lead generation

  • A keen desire to grow a strong network

  • A competitive marketplace

Show them you care, with Touchpoints.